Dynamic Church Database

Welcome to the Dynamic Church Database, a website application to manage and simplify your church operations.


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Website hosted in the cloud, viewable every and anywhere remotely. Data security and easy access.

Mobile (texting) and email communications to members and ministry groups.

Secured file document storage categorized and control. Easy pdf download.

Church and ministry calenar for upcoming events.

Membership data management, new member creation, member group categories.

Easy financial management: incomes, expenses, contributions, budget, pledges, bills, bank reconciliation, and reports.

Meeting minutes and scheduling. Goals and tasks managements by ministry groups.

Visitor data tracking and easy mobile (texting) or email contact access.

Newsletter highlighting church and ministry events.

Member contribution and pledge reports available on member login home page.

Online giving and remote donation access by visitors and members.

Facility rental information and easy email contact form

Promotion Cost: $199/Year

Contact Us: (404) 319-0754

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